Recalled Doctor Who Annual 2008.

There has been a mystery in Doctor Who fandom this week.  Why has the BBC recalled all the copies of the Doctor Who Annual?  There has been a lot of speculation amongst fans.

I’ve been following the story on Gallifrey One (the leading Doctor Who fan website). You can see the discussion here:  While I was in town this week I managed to buy a copy before it was taken off the shelves.

Yesterday after The Sun mentioned a printing error on the cover, I scrutinised my copy and discovered what I believe to be the real reason.  A stonking great spelling mistake on the spine of the cover.  They have missed out the second letter “i” from “official”.   My 15 nanoseconds of fame… I was the person who spotted the missing letter and posted about it on the GallifreyOne website.

I tried selling the photo to the Sun (who appear to have a never ending appitite for all things Doctor Who) – but as far as I’m aware they haven’t bought it :-(