An old car battery.

This morning Ann told me there was a problem with her car.  None of the electrics were working.  On investigation we found the car battery as you can see in this photo – definately looking the worse for wear.  Corrosion, and some yellow deposits on it.

I took the photo while we waited for the RAC to turn up.  Although I’m normally happy to jump start a car, I was bit concerned about the yellow deposits on the battery was something more sinister wrong than just a flat battery.   The way my mind worked was this: if there was something major wrong with the battery, the photo might be useful for stock as an illustration of that particular fault.

The RAC man arrived, jump started the car, cleaned off the yellow deposit and his diagnosis of the fault:  old battery.   So does anyone know of a photo buyer looking for a photo of an old car battery?  No?  Thought not.