Dome of Mosta Church, Malta

Mosta the town in the centre of Malta is famous for its domed church.  It is quite a spectacular dome and is one of the many domes round the world which claims to be the second largest unsupported dome after St. Peters in Rome.  (Others I’m aware of making the same claim are The Pantheon, St Pauls in London, and even a church in Malta on the Island of Gozo).

However it is not the size of the dome that is remarkable but the fact that durring the second world war it was hit by a German bomb.  The bomb went straight through the dome, bounced off a wall, hit the floor and skidded down the aisle.  All that happened during a church service.  The miracle of Mosta is the fact that the bomb never exploded and that noone was hurt.

As we arrived at the church today, the doors were being closed as I was about to go in.  Had to wait three hours for the church to reopen – but I think it was worth the wait.