Construction work in Sliema, Malta

Today has been quite a quiet day, watched a sunken ship being raised from in the harbour, went to St Julian’s (nearby resort) had lunch, wandered round the resort and made some photos.

But this is still work for me.  Ok, so it is very enjoyable work, but I’m constantly on the look out for images which I will be able to sell.  Take todays POTD as an example Sliema is still being developed and there are cranes everywhere.  Unlike the UK you can walk up to the base of some of them, so it is possible to take photos this one.  It’s a generic contructions image – could be almost anywhere in the world and that’s what makes it marketable.

Some people here in Malta don’t say “take photographs” they say “make photographs” and this rings true with me.  Good photos aren’t just taken… they are made.  I am working here… I’m making photographs.