Stockport Station at Night

Had to collect Ann from the station this evening.  Had a photo all lined up, slightly blury shot of people streaming down the tunnel under the platform as they came of the London train.  This isn’t it.

I check the ISO setting, check the F-Stop, confirmed the shutter speed was fast enough for me to hand hold.  Waited for the exact moment pressed the shutter and…. nothing.  I discovered I’d left the camera on self timer after last nights pin-hole photography shot.  Ho hum.  By the time I’d changed the setting everyone had walked passed me.

Grabbed a couple of shots outside the station – nothing marketable.  This was the best of the bunch but it is slightly blurred and way too noisy to be able to put it on the photo libraries.

I like the angle and the composition.  Might go back some day and try again.