January 1st

One year ago I posted a POTD entry about “New Years Revolutions (resolutions)” (See: http://www.imb.biz/page.php?pg=diary&d=2007-01-01).  In that post I mentioned three resolutions for 2007.

They were:

  1. Post a photo each day to my POTD
  2. Read a portion of the Bible each day
  3. Keep my desk tidy.

I managed to keep 2 out of 3 of them.  I failed to keep my desk tidy (and to be honest I’d even forgotten I’d listed “keep desk tidy” on that post – I only realised now as I reviewed the page before writing this entry).

The POTD posting – you can check that for yourself – every day in 2007 has an entry.  OK, some didn’t arrive on the internet on the day they were written but that only happened on those days I didn’t have internet access.  On such days I wrote the entry and chose the photo even if I couldn’t upload it.

The Bible reading was made possible because of www.BibleGateway.com – each day I visit the site and read (and listen to) a chapter of scripture.  I’m working my way through the Bible one chapter a day I’ve now got as far as Nehemiah.

Keeping the desk tidy?  Well the least said about that the better.

Actually what this exercise has shown is that is that for a resolution to be one that can be kept it needs to be – realistic, attainable, and measurable.  Keeping the desk tidy… well how do you measure tidy?  I can’t define at what point my desk goes from neat order to absolute chaos so how do I know on a given day if I’ve kept my resolution?  Posting a photo or reading a passage of the Bible that has either happened or is hasn’t.

So what about 2008?

Three resolutions:

  1. To keep my financiaces up to date. The definition of up-to-date is that by the end of a given month all the previous months finances have been recorded, checked, filed etc.
  2. To clear my back log of photographs.  By the end of any given day, all photos taken on that date in the years 2003-2007 will be processed, captioned, keyworded and, if appropriate, ready for library submission.
  3. Prevent a future backlog for happening.  Any photos taken this year will be fully processed, captioned, keyworded and, if appropriate, submitted to the photo libraies, no more than two weeks after they were taken.

Before anyone asks…. yes I am still going to be posting my POTD each day and reading a passage of the Bible each day.  After 365 days those activities are engraind in my daily routine.

At any time during the year, feel free to ask me how my New Years Resoloutions are coming along.  It’ll encourage me to keep them…. just don’t ask me if my desk is tidy!