Letraset Super Action Transfers – Carnival

This is a Letraset Super Action Transfer set. As far as we can work out it was bought for Ann when she was a child but never used – possibly because it was a duplicate.

A couple of months ago Ann was about to give it to one of the children at our church… fortunatly, I managed intercept it before it ever left our house. I had a feeling that these might be quite rare… especially unused ones. After a little bit of reasearch I discovered that there is quite a collectors market for these things. I’m currently in the process of negotiating with a buyer. Unused ones are indeed rare.

This evening I was photograhing the set to show the prosective buyer the condition the set is in.

If you want to relive your childhood and see what the full set looks like you can find all 5 images I took here: http://photos.imb.biz/other/letraset

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Image Reference: FA0102A-E00006