Edgeley library

I went to Edgeley to look at camera adaptors for the tripod I’d borrowed.  Didn’t get one as they were more than I wanted to pay for something I could only use on a borrowed telesope.  As it turned out it was a smart decision as we had to postpone our viewing of the Lunar eclipse tonight due to the fact that the moon is obscured by clouds.  “Postponed” that is until 28 September 2015 – which is the next time a complete total eclipse of the moon will be visible in the North West UK.

While in Edgeley I saw the rather impresive entrance to Edegeley library.  I don’t think I had ever seen this before.  The photo was taken on an angle to eliminate as much of the bland, grey sky as possible. 

(I know at least on POTD subscriber who will not like to see the photo presented at a slant, but I believe me it realy is better than the white sky).