Woodford graveyard at night

After the rehearsal for Witness for the Prosecution tonight I stay behind to photograph the graveyard at Woodford Christ Church.  What I was trying to do was to do a painting with light image, where the subject is illuminated just by the light of a torch/flashlight.

What I got was effectively a moonlight photograph, the torch did add somelight to the graves in the foreground but not enough for the exposure.  Effectively my torch was not powerful enough when compared to the light of the moon, which as you can see is illuminating the majority of the scene.

Also I didn’t have my cable release with me so I was not able to take images of longer than 30sec.  I did one 97sec exposure (bulb mode, but I had to keep my finger on the shutter so there is some camera blur, AND my finger almost froze to the camera!).

I’ll probably have another go at this – in a couple of weeks when I’m next rehearsing at Woodford church.