A very small selection of the Barclays deposit by post envelopes

Barclays have really surpassed themselves this time!  I’ve been trying to get a few envelopes to pay in cheques at the Post Offices or by post for the last 5 years.  I’ll not bore you with the details about how I have been told contradicting stories about this over the years.  But suffice it to say that at last I got the envelopes I need.  They arrived by currior today.  A large and heavy box containing no less than 500 envelopes!!  I was expecting a couple of dozen.  A quick bit of maths: even if I use one envelope a week.  It will take 10 years to get through them.  What’s the chances that the process will be different long before then and require a new set of envelopes?

Oh yes, and get this, there is an dispatch note with the box (which barclays tell me is just for information and not something that I have to pay).  The dispatch note says the cost of the 500 envelopes and sending them out to me?  £56.88!

Just crazy!