New PC case

I hate to keep boring you with my PC woes but it does appear to be dominating my life at the moment…. and preventing me from getting on with much of my photography.  Today I purchased a new case with two fans to cool my over heating PC.  In addition to this I replaced the standard Intel CPU fan with a third party one that is supposed to be more efficient.  I even replced the thermal coupling goo that goes between the CPU and the heatsink.  And guess what?  The PC is still no cooler.  Ok, it is true the PC hasn’t crashed yet, but I’m convinced it is only a matter of time. 

One for the techies… anyone able to suggest why Speedfan is telling me that the -12V line is actually recording to -16.97V??  BIOS doesn’t give me a reading for this line so I’ve only got Speedfan’s word for it.  So assuming the PC will blue screen fairly soon… I guess the next theory to look at is power supply problems.  Ho hum.  :-(