PC Cooling system

Regular readers of the POTD will know (all too well) about the saga of my crashing PC.  Over a week ago I purchaced a replacement motherboard which appeared to solve the problem…. until last thing last night and same old blue screen, reboot, blue screen, reboot started again.

It’s not the first time the fault has happened at the end of the day, in fact it tends to happen far more often at that time of day than any other.  Also, just before the crash happened I was thinking how hot the study was.  So my current theory is that the problem is an overheating problem.

I’ve done some investication… So step one was to take the side off the case to let the air circulate better.  Then I intalled SpeedFan (http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php) and the CPU is definately running very hot.  At one point this evening two of CPU core sensors were registering temperatures in excess of 100 deg C!!  And that was with the side off of the computer case.  A little while after that it was blue screen time again.  Although it wasn’t running quite that hot at the time it crashed.

Until the computer supplier I use opens on Tuesday, I’ve installed my own (unique) cooling system for the PC.  As you can see from todays POTD it consists of a large fan pointing into the open side of the computer!