Luggage ready for a trip.

October 8th 2008:
It has been two and a half weeks since I posted my last POTD.  Friends and family may know the reason for this.  Casual readers of the POTD may not.  Ann and I have been in Syria for two weeks.  It has been a very eventful two weeks and I have come back with a LOT of photographs.  So please hop aboard the POTD time machine and over the next week or so I’ll be catching up with my photos of the day and sharing with you some of the tales of our trip to Syria……

Friday 19th September 2008:
The bags are finally packed and we are ready to go on our trip to Syria.  Earlier today I was absolutely convinced that it was not going to happen.  Yesterday we received a cryptic telephone message from the company we are travelling with telling us to ring them.  The office was closed by the time I got the message and it wasn’t until this morning that I was able to speak to them. 

Our flight to Damascus has been brought forward.  Instead of departing from Heathrow on Sunday morning it is now leaving tomorrow evening.  I have spent the first part of today rearranging (ie cancelling) our overnight stop at a Heathrow hotel and renegotiating the car parking.  Instead of an leisurly drive down tomorrow and an overnight stop we have an early start to ensure we get to Heathrow in time to check in and board our overnight flight.