Those *&^%$ kids!  A repeat peformance of football, shouting and yelling.  At quarter to one in the morning I ask reception to deal with them.  I am amazed to see as I go to the reception desk that come of the children can be little more than about 6 years old.

Today we return to Damascus, but en route we go to the church of St Simeon in the north west of the country. 

St Simeon is noted for speding 30 years on top of a 60ft column.  The church was built around the column to commemorate this feat of… of… well I’m not sure what the correct religious term is but madness is the one that spring instantly to my mind!

The remains of the church are facinating to walk round and as ever I welcome the opportunity to create some interesting photos of the ruins.

What of St Simeon’s column?  Well it is no longer 60ft tall – it is now a little less than 6ft tall.  Due, apparently, to pilgrims in years gone-by chipping of bits, grinding them down to a power, suspending them water and drinking it!

St Simeon’s Column. Located in a courtyard created by the four basilicas that surround it

From St Simeon’s church to Homs to visit the museum and see the famous water wheels.  Due to a drought in Syria over the summer there was insufficient water in the streams to turn the wheels while we were there.

Used for irigation

We return to Damascus and those of us staying for the optional extention in Damascus say our farewells to the rest of the party who will be travelling home tomorrow.