RAW images archive

Today’s POTD image won’t mean much to anyone but me.  It is a photograph of my photo archive box containing the DVDs of my processed digital images.

The reason for the photo is because today I successfully dealt with one of my many backlogs.  I no longer have a backlog of unprocessed RAW files.  I’m completely up-to-date with my processing of images in Lightroom.

Unfortunately I still have several other backlogs.  The geotagging backlog, the captioning backlog, the quality control backlog (ie checking images will meet Alamy QC standards before submition), I have a keywording backlog and I have metadata review backlog (ie Ann spell checking my captions).  But at least one backlog is now gone and I aim to make sure it never comes back.  But one down… will surely spure me on to deal with the rest of the backlogs.