The B of the Bang sculpture outside the commonwealth games stadium, Manchester (Image Reference: 20090114A-E00055)

I heard that the “B of the Bang” sculpture was to be dismantled. So I thought I had better go and see it and photograph it before it was taken down.

This version of the image has had quite a bit of post-production work done to it. It is actually an HDR image so that I could capture all the detail – particularly in the hub of the sculpture.

January 2020 Update: It’s been over 10 years since this sculpture was dismantled. I know it had a lot of problems with spike falling off and that it had to be taken down for safety reasons. But I still miss it. If the engineering had lived up to the design concept this could and should have been a real iconic bit of public art and a great celebration of the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Alas, however, it wasn’t to be. At least I have my images to remember it.

Settings: 1/12s, f/8, ISO 100. Lens: @58 mm.

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