Lightroom Splash Screen

Lightroom 3 Splash Screen

Adobe have made the release candidate for the next version of Lightroom available for download today.   For anyone who doesn’t know what a release candidate is, it is what a software manufacturers will actually release…. baring major errors and problems.

You can download the LR3.2RC from this page…

The page also contains a long list of bugs that have been fixed in the release.

If you are wondering whatever happened to version 3.1 of Lightroom…. well it never existed.  Adobe have skipped a point version in order to keep the Lightroom version numbers in line with those of Camera Raw for Photoshop.  A release candidate 6.2RC of camera raw is also available.

I’ve downloaded and instaled the LR3.2RC and I have a few observations.  Firstly, and fairly obviously, if you are going to download this update please backup your catalogue first.  You probably won’t have any problems but it must be emphasised this is a release candidate NOT a final version.  This means it may have bugs.

For me it is pretty early days with this version but it did feel just a little faster than v3.0 but I won’t know for sure until I’ve used it in anger over the next few days.

I’m disappointed that the biggest bug from my point of view at the moment hasn’t been addressed in this release.  In LR2 the keyword filter box found not only keywords that matched but any keywords with synonyms that matched.  In LR3 (and LR3.2RC) filters don’t work on synonyms.  Stock photographers, like myself, use the synonyms extensively and not having the ability to filter/search on them is a major issue.

Also in the release candidate I’ve seen no evidence of resolving the memory problems/leaks that have been causing heartache to many LR users.  In my case I am still getting “An unknown error occurred” which I’ve seen a lot since the LR3 upgrade.  This appears to be directly connected to memory usage on my PC.  (For the techno nerds: this typically seems to happen when the Commit Charge goes over 2000M – I still don’t have enough data to be able to describe the cause properly).

A prompt release of this first ‘point release’ by Adobe is good – I hope they keep up these prompt releases (and get the keyword filtering bug fixed for next time…. please!)