You are probably aware that I am the official photographer for Stockport Garrick Theatre, this usually means doing production photographs at the theatre and sometimes publicity shots at my studio.  This was the first time that I was ask to shoot a publicity shot for the theatre “on-location”.

The next production at the Garrick is “The Game” by Harrold Brighouse  (See the Garrick Website for more information).  I was asked to attend Stockport County Football Ground to take a shot of a Garrick member with the manager and captain of the football team.  Because the play is set just before the first world war, I decided to make the Garrick half of the image sepia tone and also made that half of the football look older in style.

I’ve recently been asked by one person how you create sepia toning in Photoshop.  So this is a good image to use as an excuse to talk about that.  The quick way to sepia tone an image is to us an adjustment layer.  Create a Hue/Saturation layer at the bottom of those controls tick the check box called “colorize” (It’s american – that’s why it is spelt wrong!).  You then want to set the hue slider to approximately 36 and adjust the saturation and lightness sliders to suit the image.

You can see more images from the shoot at Stockport County here: