A cannon in Vernon Park pointing at Pear Mill

I am rather pleased with this image. It was taken while I was doing some one-to-one training. The weather wasn’t particularly helpful, but as is sometimes the case when the weather was bad I come out with good images. Prior to processing in Lightroom the image was a bit mediocre.

The things to note about the shot is that I deliberately exposed it to ensure that there was detail in the sky and it wasn’t completely blown out. This meant that I could use a lightroom graduated filter to pull back the sky and make it dramatic.

Next I increased to the clarity and contrast to give a very punchy feel to it. I tweaked the saturation to make it look a little less vibrant. I dodged and burned a few areas to bring out the details. Finally I added a vignette to draw you into the image.

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Image Reference: FF1004A-G00566