Burnage parkrun – 18 January 2014

I am not really a sports photographer. But while marshalling/stewarding for Burnage parkrun a day after returning from La Palma I took the opportunity to practice my skills. You can see the images worth keeping here: http://photos.imb.biz/client/parkrun140118. I didn’t end up with a very got ‘hit rate’. I got quite a lot of out of focus images and a few where the motion blur was a little too much.

There are a few lessons I take away from this – firstly if I am going to shoot sport I need to think about how I set my camera up. Back button focusing probably isn’t the best way to go! Secondly although I was using auto ISO to try to keep the shutter speed high I need to set the minimum shutter speed higer that I have it. Clearly what works as a minimum shutter speed for theatre work doesn’t for sports. Next time I shoot sport I will spend more time thinking about camera settings before I leave home.

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Image Reference: FG0118A-G01025