Manchester Art Gallery

A trip into Manchester to see the Grayson Perry tapestries at Manchester At Gallery. I Wasn’t sure what to take as my photo of the day, it was a dull damp day.

This was, at the time, pretty much what I call a ‘banker’ shot. Something that will do if I don’t get anything else. I always shoot ‘banker’ shots. Get an OK shot ‘in the bank’ at the start of the shoot, something that I can fall back on if nothing else works.

With this trip however I ended up using the banker shot, not because nothing else worked but the fact that the image grew on me. There is something to be said for leaving an image for a while and then coming back to it. and re-appraising it. What look just OK initially I realised would be really strong in black and white. Add to that the vertical lines of the columns leading the viewer into the image and the strong diagonal of the roof.

A Black and White conversion in Lightroom, some vignetting (did you notice it? Hope not, I aim that you should only see my vignettes when you are looking for them) and finally a bit of split toning and we’re done.

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Image Reference: FG0119A-G01053