Barbacans Coffee House, Edgeley, Stockport

On January 23, 1996 the first version of the Java programming language was released. What on earth has this to do with my photo of the day, I hear you cry?

It is an example of how inspiration works. I am trying to set asside time each day to be creative and make at least one photograph. When I have a shoot it is easy, when I don’t I need inspiration, and what I have taken to doing is looking at what happened on this day in history. My reasearch led me to the obscure fact that the Java language is 18 years old today. It has, as they say, become an adult.

So my idea was to get some coffee beens and photograph them as some sort of tribute to the Java language. Now this is the first problem. I don’t drink coffee – can’t stand it – so no beens in the house. Never mind I’ll get some on my travels. I parked up just behind the coffee house in the photo and set off to the supermarket. Walking past the aforementioned building I thought. Coffee house! Coffee houe… java. That’ll do. No need to spend money on beens I’ll never use. Two minutes later I had my shot. And that, folks is how inspiration works. It is a chain or events that starts with a positive step. In this case me researching what happened on this day in history.

Post processing is lightroom initially (exposure brought in to range and verticals adjusted and cropped) and then passed off to HDR efex pro 2.

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