Take My Hand a new Lifelines monologue

Since the end of C3, Ann and I have been attending “Ivy Manchester”. Ivy is very different to C3, C3 at the end had 6 of us attending on a Sunday morning, Ivy has 400. Getting involved with Ivy is not without problems – largely due to its size.

Although C3 was a church that put creativity at the heart of it’s worship, the problems of the last couple of years had forced this to take lesser role.

Over the years I have written 80+ sketches and monologues for Lifelines and many of them have been performed around the world. However it has been years since I last wrote anything and I was beginning to think my writing days were over.

At Ivy, a sermon by Anthony Delaney, music from the worship team and by the end of the service. A picture in my mind and a key phrase. Inspiration to write. A new monologue written the same day. My first in about 4 or 5 years. Re-inspired. Reassurance that I’m in the right place churchwise.

If you want to read the monologue you can find it on the lifelines website: http://www.lifelines.org.uk/downloads/take-my-hand/ it is about the disciple Peter and his memories of Jesus walking on the water.

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