The School for Scandal

This images is one of the shots I took at the first dress rehearsal for Stockport Garrick Theatre’s production of “The School for Scandal”.

When doing theatre photography there is a great temptation to photograph from straight on, and from part way back through the stalls. What you get with that approach is the audiences point of view, and that is essentially a two dimensional or flat veiw of the stage. I prefer to take a slightly different approach.

I want to create a depth to my theatre images. You can do that in couple of ways firstly by working relatively close to the stage you will get a slight distortion effect which make the actors at the back of the stage appear smaller in the image and thus giving a more three dimensional approach. The other approach, as shown in this image, is to shoot along the stage. This shot was take from stage left (right as the audience views it), I have use the two actors playing cards at the table as my main foreground interest in the image even though the main action on stage was actually the characters you can see in the background.

The full set of images from this production can be found here:

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Image Reference: FG1016A-G12701