Joining the Model Register

This page will be updated in the near future to reflect the current procedure for joining the register.  It won’t be that different from what you see below but there will be some changes.

I am setting up a model register for the studio.   The model register will be a list of reliable models who are familiar with working at “Ian’s Studio”.

Why be on the register?

  • I will try to give preference to suitable models on the register when offering paid work.
  • I will encourage photographers who hire the studio to use models who are on the register.  (Eg I will refund studio booking fees if a model on the register no-shows)
  • I will provide a page on the “Ian Studio” website to promote you as a model.  The page will have images of you which have been take at the studio.  Your page may also have links to other websites and modelling profiles.

How do join the register?

  • I invite models I think are suitable to be on the register to a test shoot at the studio.   If you think you are suitable please let me know and I’ll need to see some sample images of you.  You can either email those to me or send me a link to an on-line modelling profile.

What is involved with the test shoot?

  • You will be asked to attend the studio at a time that is convenient to both of us. Don’t be late!  If I am going to use you for bookings with paid clients I need to know that you are punctual.
  • We will shoot a series of images covering the modelling levels that you wish to be considered on the register.  At the very least this will include head shots and fashion/lifestyle.   If you wish to be considered for work at higher levels such as lingerie, topless, or nude we will need to take test shots of you at those levels.
  • We will also take a set of “doctor shots” – these are neutral expression, with minimal/no make-up images.  They are designed to accurately show your body shape to prospective photographers.  We take these images at your highest level – ie if you shoot nude they are nude images, if you only shoot to fashion levels we take them at fashion levels.
  • Tattoos, piercings, scars and stretch marks.  We will take images of any of these which may be visible when modelling.  Again this is to enable photographers to make an informed decision about using you as a model.

What do I need to bring to the test shoot?

  • Most importantly some form of recognised ID to prove that you are over 18.  No ID, no shoot!
  • A range of different outfits, covering the genres you wish to work at.  Remember I will be using the images we take at this shoot to promote you, so come with the best selection of outfits you can.

Can I bring a chaperone with me?

  • Chaperones are a controversial subject in the world of model photography.
  • I have no problems with a model bringing a chaperone to their test shoot, providing the chaperone is well behaved and doesn’t interfere.
  • However, if I book a model for a shoot where I have paying clients (eg a workshop) I will not permit a chaperone to be present.  The purpose of a chaperone is to ensure the safety of a model with unknown or untrustworthy photographers.  To bring a chaperone to a paid at the studio is in effect saying to my clients that you do not feel safe working at “Ian’s Studio”.
  • If you require someone to drive you to a shoot with paying clients, unless that person is also a participant in the shoot, I expect them to come back later to collect you and not to wait at the studio.

Do models get copies of the images taken at the test shoot?

  • Yes.  You will get copies of all the images that I choose to edit/use from the shoot.

Do you need to model at lingerie, topless or nude levels to be on the register?

  • Definitely Not.  I do not want to promote models shooting at levels they are not comfortable at.   I am equally happy to have models who on the register who only shoot at fashion levels as I am to have model who shoot topless or nude.

At the test shoot can a model change her/his mind about what levels she/he wants to shoot at?

  • Absolutely!
  • I only want to promote models shooting at levels they are comfortable working at. This means that if you decide that you only what to shoot fashion levels at the test shoot then we only shoot fashion levels and I will only promote you for fashion level shoots.

I’ve never modelled lingerie / topless / nude before – can I try those levels at the test shoot to see if I might be suitable for those levels?

  • Yes, of course you can, and if when you see the images you decide those levels aren’t for you, then we don’t use those images and we don’t promote you for work at those levels.

Any more questions?