Portfolios and headshots

Actors, recording artists, models and even business professionals all need photographs to promote themselves.  This can be anything from a selection of head-shots to go with a CV to whole range of different promotional images.


Package 1 – Headshots – £85

Ideal for: Business professionals or actors

One hour session at the studio. Photographs are head/face and head and shoulders only, taken against a grey background.  Use of alternative outfits as time permits.

Approximately 10 shots selected and supplied on digitally for use at up to 10x8in size. Each selected photograph available as both colour and black and white.

Package 2 – Headshots Plus – £125

Ideal for: Actors requiring publicity shots beyond the standard headshots;  Pre-teen child models;  Recording artists looking for promotional images.

One and a half hour – two-hour session at the studio. A range of photographs taken including head/face, head and shoulders, 3/4 length, full length etc. A range of poses including some using props would be taken. Use of alternative outfits as time permits.

At least two different background / lighting set-ups would be used to create a verity of looks.

Approximately 15 shots selected and supplied digitally. The images will be a mixture of colour, black and white or both.

Package 3 – Enhanced Portfolio – £195

Ideal for: New models, or anyone looking to have the ‘model experience’; Recording artists looking for a wider range of publicity images.

This package extends the standard portfolio. The studio session (as described above) can be extended to approximately two and a half hours – three hours*.  This gives the time to do multiple outfit changes, and at least three different studio backgrounds or lighting set-ups.

Approximately 20 shots selected and supplied digitally. The images will be a mixture of colour, black and white or both.

Package 4 – Superior Portfolio – £250

Ideal for: Anyone thinking about taking up modelling and wishing to create a starter portfolio.

This package extends the Enhanced portfolio. The entire shoot will be half a day*.  (Approximately four hours*).  The first part of the shoot will be in the studio as described above with multiple outfits, backgrounds, and lighting changes.

Following the studio shoot, we will go outside to a local park (two mins walk from Ian’s Studio) to shoot some location images.

Approximately 30 shots selected and supplied digitally. The images will be a mixture of colour, black and white or both.

[ * – Times of sessions are just a rough estimate.  In practice the sessions will last as long or as short as we require to get the shots that you need for your portfolio]

Package 5 – Custom Portfolio Packages – Contact Me For Prices

Ideal for: Model Agencies or models with specific requirements.

The above four packages may not meet everyone’s requirements.

The needs of a specific model agency can be very different to the starter packages outlined above.  For example, additional editing over and above my standard level of editing may be required. Multiple versions of images may be required (eg with and without agency logos).   Also, the process of selecting images for inclusion in a printed portfolio will be more time consuming when the selection process involves both model and agency.  If you are an agency please contact me with your requirements and I will provide you with a competitive quote based on expected number of shoots and the work involved with each shoot.

Alternatively, if you are a model looking for portfolio images for a specific purpose, or a specific genre.  The above packages may not be exactly what you are looking for.  Contact me with your requirements and we can discuss prices.

Optional Extras

Add Contact Information – £5 per photo
This converts a photograph in to a card that can be printed and handed out.

Prints (When ordered as the time of the shoot)
10 7x5in £10
20 7x5in £15
30 7x5in £20

1  10x8in or A4 Prints £5
5  10x8in or A4 Prints £18
10  10x8in or A4 Prints £30
20  10x8in or A4 Prints £40

Note that these prints can be the images by themselves or can contain contact information.  The price for multiple copies refers to multiple copies of a single image.

Photo Montage
From £10 (actual price will depend on the nature of the images to be put together)

Several images from your shoot can be combined to show you in different costumes, and poses. All montages are unique and the actual price will depend on the ease of difficulty of combining the images.

Starter Model Portfolio Album – FROM £40 (depending on album quality).

A4 slip pocket album with 10 A4 prints from your session and space in the album for additional images to be inserted in the future.

Additional Notes for Models


The above prices do NOT include a make-up artist (MUA) or hair stylist.  The majority of models I have worked with do their own make-up and hair.  If you would like a MUA available for your shoot let me know and I can arrange one for you.  Expect to pay at least £50 depending the MUA booked.

Modelling Genres and levels

Please let me know the type of modelling you wish to do and we will tailor the shoot to include those genres.  If you are under 18 you can only shoot fashion style images.  If you wish to shoot lingerie or higher levels you must be 18 or over.

Identification and proof of age

If you are under 18 you must have a parent or guardian present at the shoot.  If you are 18 or over you must  bring with you a government issued photo ID (eg passport or driving licence)  to prove your age.  This applies irrespective of the genre or levels you wish to shoot.