Training Plans

“Navigate your way through the training we offer”

This page will help you put together different training session in courses to suit your development needs.
The page is currently under development and full details will be added in the coming days.

Introduction to Digital Photography

For more information about the Introduction to Digital Photography Course, please click here.

  • CR001 – Composition & Point of View
  • CR002 – Understanding Cameras and Lenses
  • CR003 – “What the f ?!?” – Understanding f-numbers, aperture, shutter speed & ISO
  • CR004 – Exposing Yourself – Understanding Camera Exposure
  • CR005 – Understanding and Controlling the Light
  • CR006 – Introduction Digital Image Management and Editing
  • CR007 – Coping with Difficult Conditions and Bad Weather
  • CR008 – Developing as a Photographer

Plus optionally either of the following

  • PR901 – Photo Walk Stockport
  • PR902 – Photo Walk Manchester

Intermediate Course

While we encourage photographers to do as many of the sessions as possible we acknowledge that some photographers may wish to only do certain modules.  For this reason, the modules are all designed to be stand alone and can be taken in any order.

For more information about the Intermediate Course sessions please click here.

The classroom-based modules which make up the course are as follows:

  • CR101 – Travel Photography
  • CR102 – Working with Available Light
  • CR103 – Planning to Shoot a Wedding
  • CR104 – Off-camera Flash and Strobist Techniques
  • CR105 – Understanding Studio Photography
  • CR106 – Working with Models
  • CR107 – Theatre Photography
  • CR108 – Understanding Macro and Tabletop Photography
  • CR109 – The Business of Photography
  • CR110 – Sports and Wildlife
  • CR111 – Architecture
  • CR112 – Shooting for Stock
  • CR113 – Understanding Night Photography Techniques

Obviously it is important to put theory in to practice.  Practical sessions which support the classroom based training will be added shortly.

Lightroom Training

  • CR006 – Introduction Digital Image Management and Editing
  • CR501 – Lightroom: The Library Module
  • CR502 – Lightroom: The Develop Module
  • CR510 – Lightroom: Turbo Charge your Workflow
  • CR515 – Lightroom: Output Options

Comprehensive Studio Photography Course

The Comprehensive Studio Photography Course consists of two classroom based sessions and upto 15 practical sessions.  The Practical sessions can be taken in any order but it is recommended that you are familiar with the topics covered in the two classroom based sessions early on.

In-depth Art Nude Course

Digitial Rain, Digital Lightning & Wet-Look Glamour Workshop

  • PR160 – Studio Techniques for Digital Rain, Digital Lightning and Wet-look Glamour
  • CR560 – Photoshop Techniques for Digital Rain and Digital Lightning

Boudoir Workshop

Learn to Use Your Flash

Night Photography Workshop

Wedding Workshop