I've been on G+ now since Monday, and the more I use it the more impressed I am with it. The conversations on here have been a lot more meaningful than some of the inane chattering on FB. I've found it much quicker to make contact with people who are relevant to me and my business. Ok there's a lot of folks who aren't on here yet, but already I have 79 people in my circles – 73 of whom are photographers and thanks to a little list I created… (https://plus.google.com/106287665062204946341/posts/AhGMwXm7iP6) 50 of the photographers are in the UK. As a studio owner they form a very valuable contact base that helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in photography in the UK and are also potentially clients and users of the studio.

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Post by Ian Butterfield
In the absence of shared circles I'm creating a list of UK Photographers so that we can find each other and add each other…

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