I went out for the evening and came back to find no less than 19 new people had added me to their circles. That's a 5% increase in "followers" in just one evening. I don't recognise most of the names (sorry folks… but I never was much good on names), but I have looked at everyone's stream and profile and added everyone back…. ("Hullo everyone" – waves – smiles) …almost all of those 19 people are amazing photographers… as are very many of the people who have already added me to their circles.

I'm really enjoying Google+ as a photo sharing site and social net work. There are so many truly inspirational photographs being posted here. It is great to look at the images and it makes me want to get out there with my camera.

It really is a great honour to discover that so many amazing photographers want to share there work with me and are interested in what I have to post to Google+

Looks like it is time to up my game!
PS… while I was typing this post the total went up to 20 new adds!