Fellow photographers,

As ever with these newsletters, I want to highlight the events that are coming up.  This weekend we have two events at the studio.  Friday night is “Technicolor Grey” – using a grey background light with coloured gels to give different coloured backgrounds.  While on Saturday we have two models in the studio for our “Burlesque and Gothic” day.

Also in this newsletter I want to look back at one of our previous events: The trip to Crosby Beach.  I am going to show two images I took on from the trip and explain a little bit about how they were produced.

And just for fun... I’m also including a link to a YouTube video….   show casing a very clever mix of technology, performance and stage magic!

Read on for more details on all these topics……

Technicolor Grey

Friday, 19 August 2011 , 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location: Ian’s Studio

At this weeks Friday Night event we will only be shooting with a grey background…. BUT we will look at lots of different ways to make that grey background into almost any colour we want by the use of filters/gels. Working with a model we will create a number of different lighting effects… all based round this one background.

Our model for this event will be Sophie Winters. You can see here profile on Purestorm: http://www.purestorm.com/Miss_Winters

Price: £22

Studio Day – Burlesque and Gothic

Saturday, 20 August 2011 , 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Location: Ian’s Studio

I am pleased to announce details of the two models for this studio today. A relaxed day long shoot, a chance to tryout techniques and ideas. I’ve got a burlesque model booked for the morning of this day, and a gothic/alternative model booked for the afternoon.

The burlesque model is Cerise Derriere
(Note Cerise’s profile contains nudity)

The Gothic model is Ash (aka Incumbo)

I’ve also extended the time to 4.30pm. So this will be great value for money.


Price: £40

Looking Back: Crosby Beach

Earlier this month I organised a shoot on Crosby Beach with model Steph Owen.  This is one of my favourite images from the day.

How it was shot: two off camera strobes were used to create this image: one camera right and the other camera left and slightly behind Steph with an orange gel on it.  Other than the aforementioned gel the only light modifier used was the stofen defuser which lives on my main flash.

The aim with this type of shot is to under expose the sky.  Because of the sync speed of the flash triggers the fasted shutter speed we could use was 1/200s.  So to under expose the sky at that speed we had to shoot at f/10. The output from the main flash was pumped up to maximum to be able expose step correctly at f/10.

How it was processed:  Three effects in Lightroom have been used to create the final effect of this image.  Firstly the sky darkened and made slightly more saturated by decreasing the luminance and increasing the saturation of the blue colour chanel. There’s also a subtle split tone added to warm the image highlights and cool the shadows. Finally a vignette added to subtly frame the image and draw your eye in to the subject.

This image was behind the scenes grab shot, but when I saw it on screen I realised it had some potential.  Here’s a brief summary of how I processed it in Lightroom.

I have (again) darkened the blue channel and added a little saturation to it. All the other colour channels have had their saturation reduced to about 60%. A graduate filter applied at the top of the image to reduces both exposure and brightness in the sky. I’ve used the spirit level tool in crop mode to get the horizon perfectly straight, and finally I cropped out another iron man figure that was just on the right hand side of the image which was little distracting.

More images from the shoot can be seen here:http://photos.imb.biz/models/shoot/stephcrosby

If you find this “how it was done” section of interest and would like to see me do more of them please let me know!

Just for Fun: iPhone Magic

Just watched this video on YouTube – it is a mix of technology, performance and stage magic. It is very, very, clever….

Training Courses

I have two seven session training courses running through the autumn. These are:

Introduction to DSLR Photography” – This course takes is suitable for anyone just starting out in digital photography, we cover all the basics including composition, exposure, aperture, ISO, and digital processing.  The course begins on Sunday 18th September at 3.00pm

Intermediate Photography Course“  – The course will consist of seven sessions (plus and optional session).  Each session will be two and half hours in length.  Each session will look at one or two related genres of photography.  We will cover techniques and equipment, and I will be providing practical advice and where appropriate I’ll share experiences from a professional perspective.  This course starts on Wednesday 31st August.

Please follow the links above for more information about the courses and if you know anyone for whom the courses will be appropriate please let them know about them.