Fellow photographers,
After three Friday Nights being hosted by Rick and Stephen… I’m back!  At least for two weeks.

I’m currently working on the programme for the next few months, it’s not ready to be announced yet but I can tell you about a couple of new events: A low-key night with Zombie Candy and a Glamour Nude Night with Karen R.  Both models have been to the studio before and if you were fortunate to work with them last time you will know how good they are.  If you missed them last time… don’t miss them this time.

This coming weekend I’m running a session about RPS distinctions on Friday night and a Wedding workshop on Sunday.  We still have a few places available on both.

For details on any of these events please read on… 

Notes about booking

When you wish to book for an event, please can I ask you to do so via my website.  In the past I have accepted bookings via facebook, by phone, by email and via word of mouth.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to collate all that information to get an accurate picture of the numbers booked for each event.  This has been particularly true recently where I have had people just click the “join” or “I am going” option in Facebook and then not turn up.

Obviously, if for any reason you can’t book via my website please let me know by any other means that you wish to come.  But if you can book that way it will help me tremendously.

RPS Distinctions Night

Friday, 29 June 2012 , 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location: Ian’s Studio

Something a bit different for this “Friday Night at the Studio” event.  I keep getting people asking me what is involved in getting an LRPS or and ARPS from the Royal Photographic Society.At this event I will explain the process.  Show you my LRPS and ARPS panels and provide you with some feedback/critique on any panels you are planing to submit to the society.

Please Note: Although I am a member of the RPS and I have an ARPS distinction.  I hold no position with the RPS and this session is not authorised by the RPS.  The views expressed are my own and are based on lessons I learned while preparing my own images for submission.

Price: £10
Book Here:  http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/events/rps-distinctions-night/

 Introduction to Wedding Photography Workshop

Sunday, 1 July 2012 , 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
Location: Ian’s Studio 

At some point all photographers get asked to photograph a wedding – even if it is on an informal basis just as a favour for a friend.  This workshop will introduce you to what is involved.

While taking the photographs is relatively straightforward what scares most photographers is the fact that you have limited time and only have one chance at a wedding.  In this workshop we give special emphasis on the ‘stage management’ role that a wedding photographer has to assume.

We look at the planning side, and how to make sure things run smoothly from a photographic perspective.  We go through the day looking at different scenes that wedding photographers have to photograph.

We conclude the workshop with the chance to photograph bride and groom models.

(Please note: 4 or more attendees are required to be able to book both bride and groom models.  If there are 2 or 3 attendees on the workshop we will only have a bride model to shoot.  With only 1 attendee I can still run the workshop as a one-to-one training session but would not be able to offer the chance to shoot).

Cost £69 (Includes lunch and notes)
Book Here: http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/events/introduction-to-wedding-photography-workshop-3/ 

 Low-Key Night

Friday, 6 July 2012 , 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM 
Location: Ian’s Studio 

For tonight’s event we look at low key images.  Think dark backgrounds (not always black), think shadows, think side lighting.I am pleased to announce that the model for this event will be Zombie Candy aka Amber Dolovak Amber has been to the studio twice before and has proved a big hit both times. You can see her profile on purpleport here: http://purpleport.com/portfolio/zombiecandy/?referrer=iansstudio and on Purestorm here:http://www.purestorm.com/ZombieCandy(And yes, that is Amber in the image I am using to promote this event)

We will also look at techniques to add a little colour to the dark background including the use of gels, and using coloured background but allowing them to go dark using the inverse square law.

Price: £29
Book Here: http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/events/low-key-night/ 

 Glamour Nude with Karen R

Friday, 20 July 2012 , 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM 
Location: Ian’s Studio 
For tonight’s Friday Night at the Studio event, I am please to welcome back to the studio Karen R for another Glamour Nude event.This will be Karen’s second visit to the studio.  Karen is a very experienced glamour model who will work with us to create a number of different styles of glamour image across all her levels from clothed to full nude.Karen’s profiles can be found onPurestorm and on PurplePort [Please note that the profiles contain nudity]

The Full Programme

For full details of all our fourthcomming events please use the links below..