Fellow Photographers,

Welcome to my new look newsletter!
I’ve wanted to update how the newsletter looks for a while and to try to find a way to make it more of a newsletter and a little less of Ian plugging his events.  I’ve now integrated posts from my blog and my photos of the day in to the newsletter.  Both of which I plan to do more of.

I’ve also given the layout of the emailed version a little bit of a spruce-up and changed the fonts and format to fit within 600px – hopefully this will make it easier to read the newsletter on mobile devices.  Please let me know how the newsletter looks in your email client.  If the format looks odd a screen grab will really help me try to correct it.

Events and eFlyers
There will, of course, still be plugs for forthcoming events and workshops – after all that is how I make my living!  But I have also given that a bit of a relaunch.

You may have noticed I’ve moved over to a standardised ‘eFlyer’ image for each event.  With all the basic information for an event in a single JPG image it makes it easier than ever to share details of events on-line.  For example I’m posting the eFlyers to Facebook and these images can then be easily “shared” by models, those attending or anyone else who wants to support the studio!  Also I think it looks pretty good when there’s a whole load of eFlyers together.  (Take a look at the end of the message to see what I mean)

Coming Soon
I want to draw your attention to two forthcoming events.

The first is “A Night With Zombie Candy” tomorrow evening (Friday 12 October).  I still have plenty of places available for this event.  Amber (Zombie Candy) will be working with us to create art nude images with a sensual edge to them.  If you want to come to this event please book today.

The second event is the “Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk” on Saturday (13 Sept).  I’m leading the Stockport town centre walk.  This is a totally free event and a great chance to meet with other photographers and to photograph some of the well known and lesser know bits of the town… including one location where the hit TV show “Life on Mars” was filmed!

For full details of both these events, future events, news from the blog, photo tips from my POTD please read on….

Forthcoming Events

Friday, 12 October 2012 – A night with Zombie Candy

A night with Zombie Candy

Location: Ian’s Studio
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Price: £35

Zombie Candy (aka Amber) will be returning to the studio for this event.  Amber will be working to nude levels.

Using low-key lighting, and some of the studio props and sets we will work with Amber to create a series of erotic nude images.

Price: £35

Please book via my website: http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/events/zombie-candy/

Saturday, 13 October 2012 – Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk – Stockport

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk - Stockport

Location: Stockport Plaza
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Price: £FREE

I have been accepted to lead one of the the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walks.  Mine will be round Stockport (don’t laugh… we have plenty of history and lots of interesting things to photograph here!).  It’s on Saturday 13th October.

If anyone wants to join me on the Stockport walk you can sign up on the Scott Kelby site: http://worldwidephotowalk.com/walk/stockport-united-kingdom/ if you are elsewhere in the country there are lots of other walks taking place all on the same day.

For those who haven’t heard of the World Wide Photo Walks – they are now an annual event and last year there were over 1000 Photo Walks and over 28,000 people who participated around the world.  It’s becoming a big photographic event and I really pleased that I’ve been accepted as one of the walk leaders.

Price: FREE –
Please book via the Scott Kelby site: http://worldwidephotowalk.com/walk/stockport-united-kingdom/

Friday, 19 October 2012 – Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance

Location: Ian’s Studio
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Price: £25

The theme for tonight’s “Friday Night at the Studio” event will be dance.  We will be working with a professional dancer to create dance related images.

Throughout the evening there will be chances to photograph ballet poses, charleston (1920s flapper) and modern jazz dance styles.

Our model is pro dancer : Candymayfalls – http://www.purestorm.com/profile.aspx?id=candymayfalls.

Price: £25

Please book via my website: http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/events/dance-dance-dance/

Sunday, 21 October 2012 – Intermediate Photography Course (8 Sessions)

Intermediate Photography Course (8 Sessions)

Location: Ian’s Studio
Time: 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Price: £165 (8 sessions) £155 (7 sessions)

Weekly on Sunday Afternoons 3.00pm till 5.30pm (approx) from 21st October 2012

The course will consist of eight sessions (session 5 on glamour, boudoir, & art nude is optional).  Each session will be two and half hours in length.

Each session will look at one or two related genres of photography.  We will cover techniques and equipment, and I will be providing practical advice and where appropriate I’ll share experiences from a professional perspective.

  • Session 1 :  Travel and Architecture
  • Session 2 : Available light portraiture and Weddings
  • Session 3 : Off Camera flash and strobist techniques
  • Session 4 : Studio portrature
  • Session 5 : Glamour, boudoir and art nude photography
  • Session 6 : Events, theatre and performance photography
  • Session 7 : Macro, product and commercial photography
  • Session 8 : Sports and wildlife photography

Each session will leave you with some homework to reinforce the skills and techniques we have talked about.

8 Sessions: £165.
or 7 Sessions (omitting session 5) : £155

The course is aimed at photographers who have a reasonable level of photographic knowledge.  I have designed the course to be particularly suitable for those who have already completed my “Introduction to Digital Photography” course.  If you have not completed that course, you should have an understanding of photographic techniques such as exposure, aperture, controlling depth of field, etc.  Experience of using flash guns is useful but not essential.  As with any course the time spent on any given subject will be tailored to reflect the current knowledge and experience of those attending.

Printed course materials will be provided to all attendees.  Throughout the course there will be opportunities should you wish to have your photographs assessed to help you improve.

Places on the course will be limited.  

Please note: The course is designed for users of DSLR cameras.  If you have a “compact” camera or a “bridge” camera please contact me to discuss its suitability for this course.

Please book via my website: http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/events/ipc-1210/

Friday, 26 October 2012 – Silhouettes


Location: Ian’s Studio
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Price: £29

In tonight’s session we look at creating silhouettes.  We will look at different styles of silhouettes including clothed images and art nude images.There will also be opportunities to create some silhouette bodyscape images such as this…

I am please to announce that the model for this event will be Strawberry Venom (aka Kayleigh).  Kayleigh is a regular at the studio and when it comes to creating body shapes with her poses she is the best.  Expect to get some unique images at this event.  Her profile can be seen on Purestorm: http://www.purestorm.com/profile.aspx?id=Strawberry_Venom

 Price £29

Please book via my website: http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/events/silhouettes/

From the Blog…

FAQ: What can I do with my photos?

One of the questions I get asked every so often by photographers attending events and workshop is along the lines of “what can I do with my photos for the event?”  The question tends to be asked as “Can I use the images on my website?” or “Can I sell prints from the shoot” or “can I enter the images in a competition” or similar

Shona at “Smoky Glamour” night 21 Sep 2012 – the first event covered by the new model event & workshop agreement form.

When I run events or workshops it is always with the expectation that photographers can use the images as examples of their work.  And typically the models I book understand this too.  However after one model recently didn’t like the idea of image of her being on-line, I haven now I implemented a model event agreement form that I  ask models attending events to sign.  I will then keep that on file.

If you want to see that document you can download it from here:

Regarding any commercial use – ie selling images taken at events or workshops, you are strongly advised to reach an agreement with the model yourself and get any necessary model releases signed.

Canon 10D – Missing in action

My Canon 10D camera has gone missing. It is almost 10 years old, the markings have come off the dial and to be honest it really isn’t much use to anyone. I have a bit of a sentimental attachment to it as it was my first digital camera; also it is the camera I loan out to people who want to learn DSLR photography but who haven’t yet purchased their own camera.

The last time I can remember seeing it was at the studio in early July/late June. Can any visitor to the studio remember seeing it after that time? If so where? Have you picked it up by mistake and wondered why you have an extra camera in your bag?

Any help or suggestions leading to its recovery would be most welcome.

Photo of the Day

POTD 3 Oct 2012 – Words

Today I did a trial run of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk that I will be leading on Saturday 13th October.  The walk I have planned will take us past St Mary’s church in the market place.  I was disappointed to see that it was having major work done on it at the moment and is thus hidden behind scaffold.  However a walk round the outside of the church led to some interesting images of the gravestones.

This image has had very little post production work done on it – a bit of vignetting and the clarity pushed up in lightroom and that is just about it.  I looks as though it have been toned or coloured – but that is straight from the camera.

The trick to creating images like this is to watch the direction of the sun and the direction of the shadows.  I made sure the sun was in front of me and that meant the shadow on the text was visible from where I was shooting from making the words look clearer.  Had I shot in the opposite direction there would have been very little shadow in the text and it would then have been harder to read.

The Full Programme

For full details of all our fourthcomming events please use the links below or click on the event eFlyer.

• Friday, 12 October 2012 – A night with Zombie Candy
• Saturday, 13 October 2012 – Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk – Stockport
• Friday, 19 October 2012 – Dance Dance Dance
• Sunday, 21 October 2012 – Intermediate Photography Course (8 Sessions)
• Friday, 26 October 2012 – Silhouettes
• Wednesday, 31 October 2012 – Digital rain & wet-look glamour workshop
• Friday, 2 November 2012 – Male Nude Night
• Saturday, 10 November 2012 – How to pose your subjects
• Saturday, 24 November 2012 – Messy Day with Axa Jay
• Friday, 30 November 2012 – PROVISIONAL: Sensual Nudes
• Saturday, 8 December 2012 – Messy Workshop with Kiki Devine
• Friday, 21 December 2012 – Christmas Critiques and Mince Pies