Bonfire Blast 2009A couple of weeks ago I posted about my own goals for 2015, and asked people to let me know their goal.  To encourage people to think about their goals I said I would give a £15 voucher to the person who made the most interesting post.

I have selected Vivienne Kehinde as the winner of that voucher.  Vivienne wrote:

” I am a beginner in Photography…so as you can imagine av got loads of goals and things I want to achieve. My one and major goal is to aim to get more training to improve my photography skills in the areas of Portrait/beauty photography.”

One of the main aims of the studio is to help beginner photographers, It is also good to hear of someone who specifically wants to learn more about portraiture and beauty photography. I hope the £15 voucher for events at Ian’s Studio will help Vivienne with that goal this year.