Sunday 14 July… Silly O’clock
I am sitting in Manchester airport at an hour I didn’t even know existed, about to board a flight to Dubrovnik.


When I first started out as a professional photographer I used to carry all sorts of gear with me when i was off doing travel photography. As I get older (and wiser?) I want to carry less. This trip I am travelling light when it omes to my photography gear. So what’s in the bag?

Canon 5D mk III
24-105mm lens
50 mm lens
550ex Speedlight
2 yongnuo 603c triggers
3m ETTL cable
Extension tubes
Cokin filters, ND, ND Grad, polarizing filter
Assorted memory cards and batteries.


I have not packed a laptop, instead I intend to use my iPad to caption and tag images and to upload any I wish to share on line. One key element of my workflow will be an app called photosmith which should permit me to sync my images back to Lightroom on my return.

Well I will be boarding the flight shortly so I guess that ends this first blog entry.