This blog post is a video blog –– you can also watch below:

Last week Garry Platt sent me, what I thought was a simple question for my weekly live stream.  Here’s the question:

One subject I’d like to hear discussed is the use of Curves in Lightroom instead of highlights/shadow etc. A number of other photographers really promote the use of the curves over and above other methods. I’d like to know what your views are on this matter.

Simple, enough I thought, but before I answered it I wanted I just wanted to confirm what I thought I knew.  Oh boy, was I wrong!!

The topic turned out to be far more complex than I imagined – and to explain everything in a written blog is just not possible.  Instead, I’ve produced a video.  I’ll warn you now it is a long one – but I cover a lot of ground in it.

The bottom line is simple enough though…

I will never edit in Lightroom the same way again!

The video is just under 35mins in length, but I have divided it up into chapters so if you can’t face listening to me talk for that length of time all in one go you can watch it in sections.  (Just open up the video description on YouTube and the clickable chapters can be seen there).

The video is aimed at anyone who is serious about getting the best out of Lightroom or who is keen to understand how it all works ‘under the hood’.

I hope you find it interesting.

Until next time, keep MAKING great images,


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