One of the things I get asked a lot at studio events is for contact details of the models who are at the event.  For obvious reasons I don’t give out ANY information that isn’t publicly available.  However what I do say to photographers is that on all the events listed on my website I try to link to a model’s on-line portfolio, and photographers can contact models through that site.

This is a safe way for photographers to communicate with the models they have worked with at the studio with me breaching any data protection and without me giving out contact details that a model may or may not want passed on.

There is of course a problem with this approach… once an event has happened it disappears from my website so photographers can’t easily find the model details.  Actually all the events since I opened the studio ARE still on the website, it is just that until now there has been no way to access them.

I have now finally created a Past Events Page this page list all the previous events at the studio (using their eFlyer image) you can then click through the image to access the event details and the information about the model(s) who were at the event.

The page is a little bit of a ‘work in progress’ as I don’t have eFlyers for many of the earlier events, but I am creating them and will be adding them to the site slowly over the coming months.  As part of that process I will also be adding links from each past event to my on-line galleries when you can see what I shot at the time.  You can also see many of my past event galleries by going directly to this page: