iansstudio-booking graphicA little while back I posted to say that I thought I had resolved the booking problems and password reset problems that had been plaguing a minority of users of the site.  That didn’t prove to be 100% accurate – unfortunately.  Over this last weekend, with the help of a couple of photographers and with the help of some tech support from my hosting company.  I think we really have solved them this time.

Firstly it transpires that some of problems were being caused by a security patch that the hosting company had applied some months ago.  This patch locked out anyone who accessed the login script more than twice in five minutes.  Unfortunately the same login script also handled password resets.  Thus anyone who requested an email to reset their password… and actioned it withing five minutes became automatically locked out!  Wordpress (on which my website is based) has since been updated to solve the original problem.  I have therefore asked the hosting company to remove the patch and they have done so.

Secondly is appears that a number of people have been trying to login using their email address rather than using the username supplied by the website.  This has given the impression that they are locked out of the site.  I have now implemented a plugin which means that you can log-in using EITHER your email address or the username supplied by the site.  Hopefully this will make the site and booking easier.

Thirdly, it appears that some returning customers have been filling out the ‘new user’ form to book an event, rather than logging in.  This has either generated and error because the email address is already in use… or they have ended up with two account each with a different username.  To help prevent this in future I have updated the booking form to make it more obvious that existing should log in.

Hopefully these changes will make the booking experience easier for all concerned.  If you do experience any further errors or problems please let me know and I do my best to solve them.