Self Portrait

Created a blank web page which will hopefully become a photographic web diary.  So here’s a picture of me with a blank mind to go with it.

Actually it was prepared for a competition on the theme of distortion.  Ok, I admit I struggled with the theme of “Distortion”. Camera on widest angle held over head pointing down. This is the best I could come up with – but the view is no where near as distorted as I would have liked. It might be a 19mm lens but I guess that 1.6x multiplier on the 10D wiped out the distortion! :-(

28 Jan 2007
In 2005 I eventually did create a photographic web diary… this blog/POTD site.  The journal the above entry went into only lasted a few weeks… but I decided to upload those pages along with the images which when with them to the days on which they were written.