New Film Scanner

I emailed Ed Hamrick, author of VueScan the scanning software that I use to find out if he was intending to support the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 film scanner that I had pre-ordered yesterday.  It looks like he is hoping to.  Phew!  I’ve kind of got used to using VueScan and was not relishing the prospect on not having it.

I knew he’d been looking for some RAW files from a Canon 10D and had offered to let him have some.  He asked if I could photograph an IT8 colour source (a known set of colours for colour calibration).  As I don’t have one I used the next best thing – a calibration print from Peak Imaging.  I’ve been thinking about this though – how valid will this be for calibration?  Surely the perceived colour is dependent on the light I photography it under?  Must ask Ed about that.
I’d intended posting the resulting RAW file to my website so that Ed could download it.  I haven’t yet been able to though.  Looks like EasySpace has a problem when uploading large files.  I need to investigate this.

Possible Job Lead

A friend from Church phoned today, asking if I was interested in a photography job for a local small company.  He didn’t know I was only one week away from going freelance!  Not surprisingly I’ve told him I am definitely interested.   He has said he will pass on my contact details.  I’ll have to wait and see what happens.