For the thousands of people who have circled me in the last couple of days let me explain…. I run a studio in Stockport in the UK. My main line of work is providing training and running events for photographers from beginners to experienced; Enthusiasts to Seasoned Pros.

The Newsletter is one of the ways I let people know about events and workshops at the studio. I also try to include the odd tip or two in it. The newsletter goes out by email to subscribers. But I also post it on my website. If you want to subscribe you can do so here: – If you have any interest in photography and are in the North West/Manchester area of the UK I would really, really, like you to subscribe. You are the people I'm trying to reach. If you are from anywhere else in the world, subscribe by all means but be aware a large part of each email will be about events at my studio in Stockport.

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