ian's studo-4square

Do you use foursquare?  I have been aware of it for a while but only just started using it?  It is yet another social media platform but the emphasis is very much on places you are visiting.

I’ve been using Foursquare since I got my iPad a month ago, and one of the cool things it foursquare lets you do is post a photo from your phone or iPad or other tablet device to illustrate checking in at a particular location.  I am finding this an interesting challenge.  Can I create a visually appealing snapshot (with an iPad) for each location I check into?  There’s no editing and thus the images are straight out of camera.  I know there are tool which will permit you to do that but the point of doing it as part of foursquare is that it is instant.  And learning to be able to see compositions in an instant is a useful skill for any photographer.

Ian’s Studio has been on Foursquare as a location for quite sometime.  See: http://4sq.com/IQSPF4 My thanks to Stuart Smith who created the venue on there.  So if you are already a Foursquare user please check-in when you visit the studio.

If you aren’t I challenge you to join up and to create interesting images via your phone or tablet as you check into places. The more you exercise those creative ‘muscles’ the more we improve as photographers.

And finally please ‘friend me’ on foursquare – I would love to see any images you take as part of your check-ins.  You find me (and my foursquare images) here: https://foursquare.com/user/27664203