Monday 15 July…

Yesterday evening I had a stroll down to the water front with the camera in what I call “compact mode” this is a case of camera body (no battery grip… which I don’t have with me anyhow) with just the 50mm lens on it. Didn’t take the flash with me either. Having no zoom does make you think a little more about composition. But the big advantage of using 50mm on a full frame camera is that it approximates to what the human eye sees.


The images I took during the stroll aren’t brilliant but the purpose was mainly to test the technology. Here’s the set up. I am making use of the Canon 5D mk III’s ability to save images to both CF and SD cards. The SD card has my RAW images, the CF card has full resolution JPEGs. This gives me two things firstly I have an instant copy of all my shots. In the event of a SD card failure I would still have JPEGs of every thing I have shot. Why not save RAW to both? Because I am loading images on to my iPad and I want to be able to share those images immediately, without having to do a lot of processing.

As you can see from this blog post I did manage to transfer the images to the iPad and then upload on line, but not without some difficulty… But more about that in my next blog post.