Those who follow the events I have at the studio will know that I try my best to give a lot of variety both in terms of type of shoot and the models I book for events at the studio.  You will thus probably realise that if I re-book a model for an event very quickly after he or she has been at the studio it is because that model is something very special.

Last month I had the pleasure of working with Rhianna Grey at a small group shoot at the studio.  Within days of that event I arranged to different events at the studio with Rhianna.

The first of those events is on Monday 26th May when we will be running a model day at the studio.  For this day you can book studio and model for a combined price of £55 per hour.  Book multiple hours and get the 15min break between sessions as a bonus.  These sessions are one-to-one shoots.

Rhianna will be working to art nude levels on 26th.  Rhianna is a natural art nude model able to create a wide range of poses, it is almost impossible to get a bad image while working with her.  I will be on hand to help with lighting and studio equipment should you need it.

You can book your slot here:

The second event is something totally different.  Rhianna will be the model for our Wet and Messy day.

What makes a good model for this kind of event?  Well multiple things: someone with a sense of fun, someone who embraces the idea of getting messy, and a model who can pose.  Rhianna ticks all these boxes.  You only need to look at the images on her model portfolio and those I created at the small group session to know that Rhianna can pose.  When I suggested to Rhianna about doing a messy shoot at the studio I gave her two different options – one centered around creating art nude images with messy elements to them, the other being extremely messy and where photographers can create images in a Splosh/Wet & Messy fetish style.  Her reply came back very quickly and simply said: “the fetish one”.  I think from that you can see that she has both a sense of fun and is looking forward to getting extremely messy.

Messy days like this are intended to be lot of fun – it is the fun element to it that makes the images work.  For more information of what to expect and to book your place please click here:

You can find Rhianna’s Purpleport profile here:  (NSFW).  and the images from the small group shoot at Ian’s studio here: (Contains nudity).