FG0726Z-Z00003As I have a model day planned with Tina Kay for this Saturday, I thought it would be good to write an FAQ about Model Days for the benefit of those who may not be too familiar with them.

What is a Model Day?

It is a day when a named model is based at the studio and you can book her and the studio in hourly slots for an all-inclusive price.  It is sometimes known as a slots day.

Can I book more than one hour?

Yes of course you can, in fact you most people do.  There are a number of advantages in booking more than one hour, not least that one hour will be over before you know it.  To allow time for change overs we normally have a 15min gap between the sessions that can be booked so if you do book more than one hour you get the 15min gap for free!

Do I have to set up the lights myself?

No.  I am on hand to do the lighting for you if you wish.  Just tell me what you want to achieve and I will set up for you.

What if I want to do my own lighting?

That’s fine too.  I’ll keep out of your way if you want me to and leave you to get on with it.

I’ve only ever been to group shoots before, What if I might run out of ideas to shoot?

You probably won’t, most photographers find that once they get started the time goes very quickly and they don’t get through all the ideas they want to shoot.  That’s another good reason for booking for more than one hour.  But in the unlikely event that you do run out of ideas, both the model and I can give you suggestions on what you might want to shoot next.

Can I share the slot with another photographer?

Yes of course you can.  In fact that is a great idea, book say three hours between two photographers and you get the two 15 min gaps between sessions, you get to bounce ideas of each other.

Ian, will you sit in on the shoot?

Only if I am asked to do so.  Normally I sit in the office out of the way and get on with paperwork.  If you want me to sit in on the shoot to provide advice and suggestions then I am happy to do so. Very occasionally a model may ask me to sit in on a shoot.  This is extreamly rare but if it does happen there will be a good reason for it, such the model needing help with certain props.

Ian, do you shoot during my session?

No.  You have booked for an hour of you shooting with the model.  The only exceptions to this would be if the photographer invited me to take a few shots, or if I was asked to demonstrate a technique.  Those who have been to training sessions at the studio will know my training style is very much “show and tell”.  In either case the number of images I take are minimal and always only with your permission and at at your instigation.

What backgrounds, sets and props are available?

Tell me what you are looking for and I will advise.  I have a range of different background papers, and painted backgrounds.  Room sets may be possible but building and dismantling the sets (eg the Bed set or the boudoir set) all take time and may take a large chunk out of your hour slot, if you really want to shoot one of those let me know before booking and I will advise whether it is possible or not.  I have too many props to list here – just let me know your theme and I will tell you if I have anything suitable.

This all sounds fantastic where can I book?

At the time of writing our next model day will be on Saturday July 26th with Tina Kay – see http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/events/tina-kay-studio-day/ for more information and to book your slots.