Today I went up to Fleetwood to suss out the location for Monday’s Trash the Dress event.  I have found two places for us to shoot at.  The first location will be on the beach and esplanade near Lower Lighthouse.  After that we will head over to our main location which are the famous Fleetwood Wrecks.  These are on the muddy salt marshes about a mile out of town.

You can see images from my visit to both locations here:

Just a few details about the event on Monday, firstly a reminder that this is a one-off event that I am unlikely to run again, as it is highly unlikely that I will be able to find another model who is willing to trash her actual wedding dress for the sake of the shoot.

Our model for this event will be Maud (  Maud was recently at the studio for our bedroom glamour night and our Friday 13th Event.  She was an instant hit with the photographers and I think without exception we were all keen to shoot with her again.

More details about the event and to book please visit the event page here: