About a month ago I was challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Which I did, and I posted my video to YouTube – if you haven’t seen it you can find the actual challenge video here.  I have also embedded it at the end of this blog post.

As I did the challenge I created this photograph of me doing the challenge…

I have received a lot of questions about how I managed to create that image.  It was always my intention to explain how it was done, and at the time I did the challenge I shot extra video footage explaining the process.  I took the decision that I didn’t want to release that video at the time of the challenge as the challenge is about raising money for charity not about photography techniques.

A month later I feel an appropriate amount of time has passed and I can release it.  If you do find the tutorial interesting or useful please consider giving to the three charities that I mention in the video.  Their websites are:

http://www.mndassociation.org/ (UK version of ALS)

Thank you

Other Videocasts can be found on YouTube and also here on my website: http://www.ians-studio.co.uk/videos/

For anyone who is interested, here’s the original Ice Bucket Challenge video :