subscribe and follow

I need your help.  I’ve just added a new ‘widget’ to my website: “Subscribe and follow” – it lists the different ways you can subscribe to the content I am producing – particularly for other photographers.  The widget is on all of the right side of all the main website screens.   From there you can:

  • Subscribe to our weekly photography newsletter
  • Subscribe to our new YouTube channel
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Add Ian’s Studio to your circles on Google+
  • Visit the studio page on Facebook

Here’s where I need your help – you can see in the graphic above how I see the widget – but of course I can’t subscribe to/follow myself, so I can’t really tell if it all works as it should.  So if you there are any of these items that you don’t already follow or subscribe to, can I ask a massive favour and ask you to use the widget to subscribe to any of the items and let me know if it doesn’t work as you might expect.