Have you ever wondered what your camera was focusing on when you took a photograph?  If you have multiple or all focus points enabled it might not have locked on to what you thought it had.  Well now there is a way to find out from within Adobe Lightroom.

You can’t do it directly in Lightroom, but there is a plugin which will enable you to do it, and it is free.

You can download the plug in from:  http://www.lightroomfocuspointsplugin.com/,  Once you have downloaded it, expand the zip file, go to the Library module and install the plug-in in the usual way:

  • File | plug-in Manager
  • Click Add
  • Navigate to where you expanded to zip file and select the folder “FocusPoints.lrplugin”

To use the plug-in you need to be in the library module.  Click on an image then from the menu select

  • Library | Plug-in Extras | Show Focus Points

LR Show Focus Points

Show Focus Points Screen – Click image to enlarge

A window will open showing the image, with an overlay of the focus points indicating which were active.  At the side of the image is some information about focusing modes and even focusing distance.

It’s not perfect but it is free.  The biggest downside to it is that it currently only supports Canon and Nikon camera.  It is also worth reading the FAQ page :  http://www.lightroomfocuspointsplugin.com/#faq to understand more about how it works and what it’s limitations are.

One notable question on the FAQ asks “Is the software free?” the answer being “The software is currently free.” From this I would infer that they will start charging for this plugin in the future… so probably worth grabbing it now while it is still doesn’t cost anything.