iansstudio-booking graphicThis blog post is a little different.  It is not about photography techniques but about giving you a little background about how I schedule events at the studio.

The first thing to say is that you can easily find out if there are still spaces on an event at the studio.  If the normal booking form appears below the event there are spaces still available.  Sometimes events sell out.  (It has been happening quite a lot over the last month).  When that happens the website will replace the booking form with a message saying that the event is full and giving you a link to contact me to be added to the waiting list.

It is always worth while asking to go on the waiting list.  Occasionally I do have photographers cancel from events, if that happens I work my way down the waiting list calling people to see if they want the place.  You might be lucky and get a cancellation.

Even if I don’t get a cancellation I use the waiting list to decide whether it is worth re-running an event.  Which brings me to another point – if there is an event on at the studio that you wanted to go to but it was on a date that you couldn’t make, please let me know.  Typically if I have two or three people either from the waiting list or who have contacted me to say they couldn’t come to a particular event but wanted to, I will look into rerunning the event.

When I decide to re-run an event, I will typically contact the people who were either on the waiting list or were unable to come to the original event for other reasons and I will agree a date with all concerned.  Where I can I will give these photographers priority for booking too.  As far as I can reruns will be as similar to the original event as possible.

One example of an event that has recently been re-run… and will be rerun for a second time, is the Mounting and Matting event. The initial event was in October but two photographers were unable to come – so I reran the event in November – that event sold out and now I am running the event again in January.

Finally we can take this to the logical next step.  If two or three photographers want a workshop, or training course or event on a specific topic, I am happy to schedule a custom event specifically for that group.  One example of this was last year’s In-depth Art Nude Course I ran the six session course for three photographers without the event ever being advertised on my website.  (FYI That course is back on the calendar for September/October 2015 and is now open for anyone to book on to it).