I few days ago, I posted on Facebook asking if anyone would like to have their photos critiqued, I had several replies and in this first video I examine three images from three photographers, Philip, Julie and Tristan.  As part of the review process I talk about the techniques the photographers have used and look at how we can use Adobe Lightroom to examine the images.

The video also shows some Lightroom techniques such as the use of the spot removal brush and cropping tools as well as how to move around an image when it is viewed at 100%

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What do you think about this video?  Did you find it helpful?  Do you agree with my comments about the three images?  Please comment on my blog page or comment on the video page on YouTube and let me know your thoughts.

If there is sufficient interest in these types of video I will do more in the future.  If you would like one of your images to be critiqued please contact me and I will let you know what I require from you to be able to review your image